EXPLORATION (listed alphabetically by country) As of September 30, 2021
Property Location Ownership Royalty Rate
Mina Cancha Argentina Yamana Gold 2.50% NSR
Abbotts Australia Zeus Mining 1.5% NSR
Buttercup Bore Australia Horizon Gold 2.0% GV
Cheritons Find Australia Hanking Gold 1.5% NSR
Chesterfield Australia Tanzi Pty Ltd 1.5% NSR
Croesus Australia Zijin MiningGroup A$1.25/tonne 1
Edna May Australia Ramelius Resources 0.5% GSR
Forrestania Australia Western Areas 1.5% NSR 2
Lake Ballard Australia Ora Banda Mining 0.60% NSR
Lounge Lizard Australia Western Areas 1.5% NSR 2
Melba Flats Australia Dundas Mining 2.0% NSR
Merlin Orbit Australia Merlin Diamonds 1.0% GV
Mt. Goode Bellevue Australia Golden Spur Resources 2.0% NSR 3
1.5% NSR 3
Mt Newman-Victory Australia St Barbara 1.5% NSR
Northwell Chilkoot Australia Northern Star 2.5% to 4.0% GV
Phillips Find Australia Barra Resources A$10.00/oz 4
Red Hill West Australia API Management 2.5% NSR 5
Southern Cross Nickel Australia Western Areas 1.5% NSR 6
Stakewell Australia Diversified Asset Holdings 1.5% NSR
Wallbrook Gold Project Australia Nexus Minerals 1.5% NSR
West Wyalong Australia Argent Minerals/HQ Mining 2.5% NSR
Afridi Lake Canada Shear Diamonds 1.5% GV
Ashmore Canada Quaternary Mining & Exploration 1.5% NSR
Aviat One Canada Stornoway Diamond 1.0% GV
Black Lake Canada Group Ten Metals 1.0% NSR
Cameron Gold Canada Cameron Gold Operations 1.0% NSR 7
Carswell Lake Canada Orano Canada Inc./Capstone Copper Corp. 5.0% NSR
Duverny Canada Threegold Resources 15.0% NPI 8
Franquet Canada Nuinsco Resources/Ocean Partner 2.0% NSR 9
3.0% NSR 9
Gauthier Canada Agnico Eagle 3.0% NSR
Godfrey II Canada Moneta Porcupine Mines 2.0% NSR
Gold Dome Canada Golden Predator 2.0% NSR
Golden Bear Canada Newmont 2.0% NSR
Hood River Canada Shear Diamonds 1.0% GV
Joe Mann Canada Jessie Resources 0.0% to 2.0% NSR 10
2.0% NSR10
Kizmet Canada Centerra Gold 1.0% NSR 11
McKenzie Red Lake Canada Evolution Mining 1.0% NSR
Mike Lake Canada Troilus Gold 2.0% NSR
Monument Canada Equity Metals/Archon Minerals 1.0% GV
Moore Lake Canada Skyharbour Resources 2.5% NSR 12
Nighthawk Lake Canada Imperial Metals/
Rainy Mountain Royalty/
White Metal Resources
2.5% NSR 13
Northgate Canada Argo Gold 1.0% NSR
Pickle Lake #2 Canada PC Gold Inc. 1.0% NSR
Qimmiq Canada ValOre Metals

1.0% to 3.0% NSR 14
2.0% NSR 14
1.0% GV 14

Red Lake Canada Evolution Mining Limited 1.0% NSR
Shasta Canada TDG Gold Corp. 0.5% NSR
TAK Canada Doug McDonald 5.0% NSR 15
Voisey's Bay Diamonds Canada Vale 3.0% GV
Yellowknife Lithium Canada Erex International 2.0% NPI
San Jeronimo Mexico Newmont 2.0% NSR
Ambrosia Lake United States Rio Algom Mining 2.0% NVR
Apex United States Teck/Pennaroya Utah 3.0% NSR 16
BSC United States McEwen Mining 2.5% NSR
Buckhorn South United States Nevada Gold Mines LLC 15.0% NPI 17
14.0% NPI 17
Cooks Creek/
Ferris Creek
United States Barrick 1.5% NVR
Doby George United States Western Exploration 2.0% NSR 18
Hona, Eagle and Triple Z United States Contango ORE, Inc. 3.0% NSR
Horse Mountain United States Barrick 0.25% NVR
Hot Pot United States Pediment Gold, LLC 1.25% NSR
ICBM United States Timberline Resources 0.75% NSR
Keystone United States Energy Fuels 2.0% NSR
McDonald-Keep Cool United States Newmont 3.0% NSR
Mule Canyon United States Newmont 5.0% NSR
Nevada Properties United States Evolution Mining Limited 2.5% NSR
Oro Blanco United States Pan American Silver 3.0% NSR
Pinson - Other United States Barrick 0.489% to 5.979% NSR 19
Rye United States Barrick 0.5% NSR
San Rafael United States Rio Grande Resources 2.0% NVR
Simon Creek United States Barrick 1.0% NSR
Trenton Canyon United States SSR Mining 2.4% GSR 20
8.0% NPI 20
Troy United States Hecla Mining 3.0% GSR
Uncle Sam United States Great American Minerals 2.0% NSR
Windfall United States Timberline Resources 3.2% NSR
Wood Gulch United States Barrick 5.0% NSR
Woodruff Creek United States McEwen Mining 1.0% NSR
  1. Royalty paid on dollars per tonne of ore above 50,000 tonnes up to 500,000 tonnes.
  2. Royalty payable on gold only.
  3. Royalty rate is 2.0% for gold and 1.5% for all other metals.
  4. Royalty is 2.5% at grades above 1.5 g/t or 4.0% for grades at 1.5 g/t or less.
  5. Royalty applies to production above 40,000 ounces and is capped at $1 million.
  6. Royalty payable on all minerals, except nickel or any by-products in whatever form or state.
  7. Operator has the option to purchase 0.25% of the 1.0% NSR at any time for CDN$250,000.
  8. Royalty rate is equal to 15% of the proceeds of production until $1,760,000 has been paid. A 2.0% NSR royalty applies to production thereafter.
  9. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to production from an area of the property referred to as the “GeoNova Properties,” and the 3.0% NSR royalty applies to production from an area of the property referred to as the “Homestake Properties.”
  10. Sliding-scale royalty applies to gold only. NSR sliding-scale schedule (price per gold ounce - royalty rate): Below $325 - 0.0%; $325 - 1.5%; $375 - 2.0%. Once $500,000 has been received in gold royalty payments, the rate will reduce to 1.0% and will only be in effect at a gold price of $350 per ounce or higher. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to silver and copper.
  11. Operator has the option to purchase the entire 1.0% NSR for $1 million prior to the development of a mine on the property.
  12. Operator has the option to purchase 1.25% of the 2.5% NSR for $1 million at any time prior to a production decision or within 30 days thereafter.
  13. Operator may purchase 1.5% of the 2.5% NSR at any time for CDN$1.5 million.
  14. The 1.0 to 3.0% NSR sliding-scale royalty only applies to gold production. The 2.0% NSR royalty applies to commercial production of all minerals excluding diamonds and industrial minerals. The 1.0% GV royalty applies to commercial production of all diamonds and industrial minerals.
  15. Operator has the right to purchase 2.5% of the 5.0% NSR at any time for $1 million.
  16. Royalty is capped at $1 million.
  17. The 15.0% NPI and the 14.0% NPI apply to different claims on the property.
  18. The 2.0% NSR becomes payable once 400,000 ounces have been produced.
  19. Royalty rate varies depending on pre-existing royalties (max of 6.0%).
  20. The 2.4% GSR applies to production from the properties from which greater than 60% of the revenues are projected to be derived from gold and silver. The 8.0% NPI applies to production from the properties from which less than 60% of the revenues are projected to be derived from gold and silver.