Operator: TriStar Gold Inc.

Location: Pará State, Brazil

Royalty: 1.5% NSR (all metals)

Term of Royalty: Life of Mine

Castelo de Sonhos (“CDS”) is a gold development project owned by TriStar Mineração do Brasil Ltda, a wholly owned subsidiary of TriStar. CDS is located in Pará State Brazil, approximately 20 kilometers from the town of Castelo de Sonhos.

The gold deposits are paleoplacers deposited in the Castelo de Sonhos Formation, an isolated package of metamorphosed sandstones and conglomerates within the Precambrian Amazonian Craton. The deposits occur on a roughly circular plateau rising 300 meters above the surrounding plains.

Tristar completed a Preliminary Economic Assessment (PEA) in September 2018 and completed a Pre-Feasibility Study (PFS) in October 2021. The PFS highlights 1.4 million ounces in probable reserves.

Mining will be based on conventional open pit methods (drill-blast-load-haul), which are suited to the Project location, orebody and local site conditions. Open pit operations are anticipated to run for 11 years including Phase 1 (Esperança South) for the first 6 years of operation, with an average production of 146,000 ounces per year, and Phase 2 (Esperança East and Esperança Center) for years 7 through 11, with an average production of 91,000 ounces per year. The anticipated production rate is 3.6 million tonnes per year of ore per year with a life-of-mine strip ratio of 9:1.