Kutcho Creek

Operator: Kutcho Copper Corp.

Location: British Columbia, Canada

Royalty: 2.5% NSR (all metals)

Term of Royalty: Life of Mine

Kutcho Creek is a copper project, owned by Kutcho Copper Corp. Kutcho Creek is located in northern British Columbia, approximately 8 kilometers east of Kutcho Creek and 100 kilometers east of Dease Lake.

Mineralization at Kutcho Creek comprises three known “Kuroko-type” VMS deposits aligned in a westerly plunging linear trend. The largest, the Main deposit, comes to surface at the eastern end, followed by Sumac down-plunge, and Esso to the western end which occurs at depths of about 400 meters below surface.

A pre-feasibility study was completed for the Kutcho Creek project in July 2017, and defined the project to be an underground mining operation supplemented by a starter-pit on the Main deposit during the construction phase. Two underground mining methods were proposed: sublevel longhole stoping for areas where the dip is greater than 50°, and mechanized cut-and-fill with paste backfill in shallow dipping areas of less than 50°.

Ore would be processed in a conventional processing plant with throughput of 2,500 tonnes per day. Tailings would be sent to a paste backfill plant to produce a cemented paste, half of which will be used for backfill while the other half will be sent to the surface tailings disposal. Copper and zinc concentrates would be thickened and dewatered before load-out, with precious metals reporting to the copper concentrate.