Royal Gold acquires metals streams, royalties and similar passive interests in mineral production, primarily by providing financing to third party developers and operators of mining projects. In accordance with our business model, we do not conduct exploration, development or mining operations.

With 31 professional and administrative employees across four professional offices in United States, Switzerland, and Canada, Royal Gold’s direct environmental footprint is modest.

Still, we strive to limit our impact. For many years, the Company has subsidized and encouraged employees' use of public transportation for their daily commute. In January 2020, we moved our Denver headquarters, where two-thirds of our employees are based, into a LEED Gold certified building at 1144 15th Street. Also in 2020, we eliminated single use plastic water bottles across all of our offices.

While we have limited influence over the mining operations in which we hold stream and royalty interests, we encourage our operators to implement industry best practices for emissions reduction; and, since 2020, we have joined with leading mining companies to sponsor the Colorado Cleantech Industry Association’s Mining Cleantech Challenge, an industry judged competition to promote new clean technologies for mining projects.

Royal Gold has not been subject to any fines or penalties, of any amount, related to environmental or ecological issues over the past four fiscal years.