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Investor Factsheet

South Laverton

Australian Flag

Operator: Northern Star Resources Ltd.

Location: Western Australia, Australia


1.5% NSR (gold), 4.0% NPI, A$6.00 per ounce (gold) and A$10.00 per ounce (gold)

Term of Royalty: Life of Mine

South Laverton is a series of open-pit and underground projects, owned and operated by Northern Star Resources Ltd. South Laverton is located in the South Laverton Region of Western Australia, approximately 120 kilometers northeast of Kalgoorlie. South Laverton is part of the larger Carosue Dam Operations (CDO).

The CDO processing plant was constructed in 2000 and commissioned in November of that year. The CDO operated continuously through to June 2005 when it was put on a care and maintenance program due to depressed gold prices and limited gold resources. In February 2006, Saracen, now Northern Star Resources Ltd., acquired the CDO processing plant and, in late 2009, a minimal refurbishment was required to reinstate the mill facility to its full nameplate capacity of 2.4 million tonnes per year. Ore is mined from the Karari and Dervish underground mines and trucked to the CDO processing plant where gold is recovered by gravity concentration and carbon-in-leach (CIL) cyanidation.

Royal Gold holds a 1.5% net smelter return (NSR) royalty on South Laverton and a 4.0% net profits interest (NPI) royalty on certain South Laverton tenements (Kurnalpi). Royal Gold also holds an A$6.00 per ounce royalty once 265,745 ounces of gold have been produced and an A$10.00 per ounce royalty once 160,333 ounces of gold have been produced from certain South Laverton tenements. The A$6.00 per ounce and the A$10.00 per ounce royalties are payable on gold only, and as of December 31, 2020, the thresholds have not been met for either A$ per ounce royalty.

Royal Gold acquired its royalty interests in two transactions:

  1. Effective October 1, 2008, Royal Gold closed its acquisition of Barrick Gold Corporation’s royalty portfolio, which included the A$6.00 per ounce and the A$10.00 per ounce royalties.
  2. On February 22, 2010, Royal Gold closed the acquisition of International Royalty Corporation, which included the 1.5% (NSR) royalty on South Laverton and the 4.0% (NPI) royalty.

*Detailed information on our interest can be found on the Portfolio Asset Summary table