Operator: New Gold Inc.

Location: Ontario, Canada

6.5% of Gold Produced until 230,000 ounces delivered, 3.25% thereafter; and 60% of Silver Produced until 3,100,000 ounces delivered, 30% thereafter

Term of Stream: Life of Mine

Rainy River is an open-pit mine operated by New Gold Inc. The mine is centered in Richardson Township, in northwestern Ontario, Canada.

Rainy River commenced processing ore in September 2017, and commercial production followed in October 2017. Development of the underground mine began in the second half of 2018.

The open-pit mine is a conventional truck-and-shovel mining operation, while the underground is designed as a mechanized-ramp access mine that will use longitudinal longhole open stoping techniques to exploit the underground reserves.

The Rainy River process plant includes crushing, grinding, gravity separation, cyanide leaching, carbon-in-pulp (CIP), carbon stripping and regeneration, electrowinning, and doré production. Tailings are deposited in the tailings management area (TMA), and TMA water is reclaimed and returned to the process plant.