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Investor Factsheet

Bald Mountain

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Operator: Kinross Gold Corporation

Location: Nevada, United States


1.75% to 2.5% sliding-scale NSR

Term of Royalty: Life of Mine

Bald Mountain is an open-pit, run-of-mine, heap leach gold mine, owned and operated by Kinross Gold Corporation. Bald Mountain is located in White Pine County, Nevada, approximately 110 kilometers southeast of Elko and 110 kilometers northwest of Ely.

Royal Gold holds a 1.75% to 2.5% sliding-scale net smelter return royalty on a portion of the Bald Mountain mine.

The Bald Mountain royalty rate varies depending on a gold price stated in 1986 dollars (subject to adjustment in accordance with a blended index comprised of labor, diesel fuel, industrial commodities and mining machinery), as follows:

  • 1.75% royalty rate for a gold price below $375/oz
  • 2.0% royalty rate for a gold price above $375/oz and up to $400/oz
  • 2.25% royalty rate for a gold price above $400/oz and up to $425/oz
  • 2.5% royalty rate for a gold price above $425/oz

Royal Gold acquired its royalty interest on the Bald Mountain mine on March 13, 1998 from private parties.